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Quick Lube Services

Synthetic Oil Change - $85.00

Our finest oil change! Promotes longer engine life, cooler operating temps and improved fuel economy. Recommended for performance engines.

Full Service Oil Change - $55.00

Recommended every 3,000 miles. Includes the following:

Up to 5 quarts standard oil & filter

Lubricate grease fittings

16 point safety inspection

Inspect & maintain other fluids (up to 1 pint free)

4WD trucks & SUVs, add $4.00

Quick Lube Services

Oil Change & Filter Only - $50.00

Recommended every 3,000 miles. Includes the following:

Up to 5 quarts standard oil included

Specialty Oils

Conventional Oils - Add $6 (up to 5 Quarts)

Synthetic Oils - Add $11/Quart extra

Note: Oil changes include an environmental charge for the proper disposal of waste products.


Preventive Maintenance

Transmission Flush - from $140.00

Most manufacturers recommend a transmission flush every 15,000 to 21,000 miles. Your fluid breaks down under heat and no longer protects the components.
With new filter & gasket, add $50.00 labor & parts

Fuel System Clean - from $75.00

Carbon build up causes power loss, decreased gas mileage, rough idle & exhaust odor. It should be serviced once per year or every 15k miles. *Add $20 for larger vehicles.

Cooling System Flush - from $75.00

Cooling system service is recommended every 2 years to protect your engine from both heat & cold. *Add $25 for Dex-Cool Coolant.

Differentials & Gear Boxes - from $50.00

The oils in these hard-working parts need to be changed, too. Differential and gear box service will protect and increase the life of drive train components. Some vehicles require synthetic lubricants & additional charges may apply.

Fuel Filter - from $75.00

A clean filter is essential to the quality of your new oil.

Power Steering Flush - from $99.00*

*Price varies with the type of vehicle. Please inquire for a quote.


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